International Employment Guide to Geospatial Careers in Canada

A career guide for international geospatial professionals looking for employment in Canada in GIS, remote sensing, surveying, geodesy, and geomatics engineering. In addition, you will receive enhanced resume and cover letter templates that you can use for your own applications.

The Guide Includes:

- The Canadian geomatics jobs report
- Introduction to Canada: Culture, regions, employment
- Employment strategies for Canada
- The geomatics resume
- The geomatics cover letter
- A guide to Canadian staffing agencies
- Effective communication strategies
- A guide to interviews
- Social media and online networking
- Networking in person
- Licensing and certification
- Education and Canadian geospatial programs
- Canadian geomatics associations
- Canadian geomatics companies
- Immigration resources


Who Can Benefit from This Guide?

The International Employment Guide to Geospatial Careers in Canada is written for English-speaking geospatial professionals (GIS, remote sensing, surveying, geodesy, geomatics engineering, etc) outside of Canada who are interested in working in Canada’s geomatics sector.

improve your chance of success
Get advice from Canada's leading expert on geospatial careers in Canada.
Learn the best strategies
This guide contains the best strategies for finding work in GIS, remote sensing, geomatics engineering, and surveying and in Canada.
Save Time
You will reduce the amount of time and effort it will take to find a job in Canada.

Empolyment Guide Overview

This 78-page Career Guide includes valuable strategies, techniques, and resources to overcome common challenges when looking for work from overseas, compete in the Canadian job market, conduct a successful geomatics job search, and more. Below is a sample of just a few sections of our guide

Section 2

Geomatics in Canada

Geomatics is the science and technology of collecting, manipulating, presenting, and using spatial and geographic data. Geomatics is a broad terms that ranges from traditional land surveying to GPS and 3D laser scanning. Satellite and aerial imagery analysis, GIS, and cartography are also included.

Section 4

Employment Strategies for Canada

Finding meaningful work can be a long, difficult process, even for those who are looking for work in their own country. Competition in the Canadian geomatics field is fierce; most GIS jobs posted see 100-200 resumes. This guide will provide you with strategies, tips, and resources to overcome many challenges and help you succeed in the Canadian job market.

Section 12

Education: Canadian Geospatial Programs

One of the best ways to come to Canada is through education, by enrolling in post-secondary school. A student visa is easy to obtain, and once you are here for your studies you can more easily network, learn about Canadian culture, look for jobs, and apply for permanent residency.

Section 14

Immigration Resources

Canada has a broad immigration policy, and is known as being very receptive to immigration, which is reflected in the country’s ethnic diversity. Canada receives its immigration population from over 200 countries of origin.

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The Testimonials

Many people around the world have used the strategies in our employment guide to geospatial careers in Canada.

Tamanna Bavishni

The employment guide helped me to understand a lot more about the opportunities in Canada when I was looking to move there and find a GIS job. The text is easy to understand and gathers all the important information I needed about Canada and the job market.

Samuel Adenekan

Amazing! GoGeomatics Canada’s guide helped me finally understand what I needed to do to apply for jobs in Canada. This e-book made it so clear and easy to understand.

Ramesh Narayan

Helped me so much. My goal was to start a new life in Canada by going to school and working there. This guide helped me do that with the information I needed to get started.

Omar Baqri

I was surprised how useful this book was. Applying for Canadian jobs online was hard. Once I read this guide and followed some of the advice I began to hear back from companies in Canada looking for my skill set.

About The Author

The strategies provided in this guide are the results of years of experience from Jonathan Murphy, Managing Director of GoGeomatics Canada and Canada’s geomatics career coach.

Jonathan Murphy

Jonathan has been mentoring geospatial professionals in Canada’s geomatics job market for over five years. He has spoken at national conferences on issues related to employment, and gives a series of career seminars to job seekers across Canada. Jonathan has over 15 years of experience in geomatics and IT, and is a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society. He holds graduate diplomas in GIS and Applied Geomatics Research. Jonathan is one of Canada’s foremost experts on employment and hiring in the geomatics sector, and in 2014 helped the Canadian government and the Canadian Geomatics Community Round Table to create the The Pan-Canadian Geomatics Strategy.

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International Employment Guide to Geospatial Careers in Canada

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